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Dialog Update

New site, new content and our next survey.
Dialog Update

After a surprisingly complex journey, we've got a new site up. We now plan to push out data and insights on a weekly basis via Ghost.

How to Access Dialog Content

You've all been pre-loaded into the system (this avoids you having to sign up). And while there will be some public content on the site, the majority will be for members and require a log-in. There are no passwords, you simply go to the upper right "sign in" button and input your email. You'll then receive a link in your inbox. Click that and you're in.

Our latest article is The Biggest SaaS Influencers: 'Customers.' We've also loaded the previously distributed slide decks – with more to come.

Our newsletter will formally start this week. We're excited to engage with you on a more regular basis, unpack more of our data and hear your feedback. (We're still deciding on a community solution.)

Local Business Interviews

We've also been interviewing local business owners – we've done about 10 so far – and will begin publishing excerpts from those shortly. There are some interesting findings that we'll start to share (video + edited transcripts). Technology adoption and marketing sophistication are pretty wide ranging.

Almost without exception, these business owners and operators are using social media; however, many haven't claimed their Google Business Profiles and aren't doing much with review management. For example, three different mid-sized construction companies (Chicago, Florida and Mississippi) all use Facebook; none had Google Business Profiles and two didn't even have websites – remarkably. Yet other local businesses we've talked to are highly sophisticated and have multi-person marketing teams using multiple channels and actively tracking results.

When it comes to software many of them are using only very basic tools: Gmail, Excel, MS Word, Quickbooks. But almost all these business owners (so far) have had some exposure to AI and some are using it in their companies. They have a largely positive perception of AI, although they don't fully understand it, and are eager to learn more.

Thought Leaders & More

For those who want to do 1:1 calls with us, which we would encourage, please reach out to schedule them. We also want to start recording interviews with your chosen "thought leaders" to get your perspective on AI and the future of the local market. We'll contact you soon schedule those interviews.

Remember you're free to use our data and insights internally and in your external communications and marketing materials. Let us know if you want to discuss or need any support with that.

Our next survey (in early to mid April) will be focused on agencies. In the interim, if you have questions or want to schedule a call, please email Neal or Greg.