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SaaS Buyer Journey: Sales, Service & Support

An in-depth analysis of SaaS spending, software buying criteria, and attitudes toward sales, onboarding and support.
SaaS Buyer Journey: Sales, Service & Support

SaaS Buyer Journey: Sales, Service & Support offers an in-depth look at SaaS spending, top software categories and buying criteria. It also explores buyer attitudes toward sales, onboarding and customer support. Based on our earlier survey of 1,000 local business decision-makers, the 55 slide presentation also presents segmented analysis by business size, growth outlook and age of business owner.

Here are the key topics and questions addressed in the deck:

    • Who makes SaaS buying decisions?
    • Monthly SaaS spending
    • Most important SaaS categories
    • Future SaaS spending
    • Software buying considerations
    • Attitudes toward sales reps
    • Useful engagement times with sales
    • Preferred sales contact methods
    • Onboarding preferences
    • Customer support preferences

Some of the findings are surprising and most have clear strategic and tactical implications. For example, most respondents had very positive attitudes toward sales reps and a substantial percentage were open to sales engagement early in the buying cycle. In terms of onboarding and support, businesses wanted real-time interaction using traditional communication channels (i.e., phone) vs. online forums, knowledge bases or AI chatbots.

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