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Vertical Analysis: Business & Professional, Healthcare, Legal Services

A closer look at survey data from our respondents in the Business & Professional Services, Healthcare, Legal industries.
Vertical Analysis: Business & Professional, Healthcare, Legal Services

This slide presentation offers a closer look at a consolidated vertical subset of our earlier survey of 1,000 local business decision-makers: service businesses.

The 43 slide presentation compares this vertical to the larger data set and focuses on:

  • Company Size
  • Years in Business
  • Annual Revenues
  • Main Business Challenges
  • Technology Expertise
  • Growth Outlook
  • Marketing Channels Used
  • Channel Usage vs. Performance
  • Monthly Marketing Spend
  • Critical Software Categories
  • Software Spending
  • Future SaaS Spending
  • AI Tool Adoption

The businesses in this vertical are smaller and more recently established than the overall sample. They’re more often run by solos, less than five years old and generate annual revenue below $500K. They have lower levels of technology expertise and are somewhat more inclined to turn to marketing agencies for help. Like their peers they overwhelmingly favor social media as a primary marketing channel but they’re more likely to utilize email marketing, SEO and review management vs the larger data set. 

Fewer in this consolidated vertical are actively using AI tools compared to the broader sample. And while they recognize benefits from AI adoption, they’re less upbeat about the impact of AI on their respective industries.

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