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Vertical Analysis: Construction, Home Services & Real Estate

A closer look at survey data from our respondents in the Construction, Home Services & Real Estate industries.
Vertical Analysis: Construction, Home Services &  Real Estate

Construction, Home Services & Real Estate together represent more than $4 trillion of annual economic activity in the US, roughly 15% of GDP. The slides below offer a closer look at this consolidated vertical segment of our survey data.

A significant percentage these respondents express issues, perspectives and objectives that are generally consistent with the overall survey sample. Yet there are some key differences, including the following:

  • Hiring and employee retention are bigger challenges for these businesses than the overall group
  • The owner/operator is more likely to be the sole arbiter for marketing and software decisions
  • Traditional media is their #1 marketing channel; they're also more focused on reputation management than others
  • Their software priorities are 1) Payroll and HR, 2) Accounting and invoicing, 3) CRM and they're less satisfied with their software than others
  • They spend less monthly on software today than others today but plan to increase spending over the next 12 months
  • In buying SaaS/technology, they're more likely to be influenced by more direct connections and real people than digital marketing or online channels
  • They're more interested in a free trial than B2B reviews or strong customer support
  • They have an upbeat view of AI but less likely to be current users. And a higher percentage (than overall) believe AI will have "little or no impact" on their industries

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